Classic, Understated Makeup – Get the Look 17

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Welcome to our “Get The Look” series where we help you recreate the most elegant and timeless beauty looks seen on the red carpet. Today, we’re focusing on a classic, understated makeup look that exudes a sophisticated charm worn by Elizabeth Debicki.

The individual in the photo presents a polished and refined appearance with a sleek, straight hairstyle, natural-toned makeup, and a chic burgundy dress. The makeup is characterized by its subtle, graceful elegance, with an emphasis on flawless skin, soft eye definition, and a neutral lip.

To achieve this makeup look, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Skin: Start with a light moisturizer, followed by a hydrating primer for a smooth base. Use a lightweight foundation to even out the skin tone and a touch of concealer to cover any imperfections.
  2. Eyes: Apply a wash of a neutral matte eyeshadow across the lids. Define the crease with a slightly darker shade for depth. Use a pencil liner to subtly define the upper lash line and finish with a lengthening mascara for a feathered lash look.
  3. Eyebrows: Enhance your eyebrows with a brow gel or a pencil that matches your brow color for a full, but natural look.
  4. Cheeks: Use a warm peach blush to add a gentle flush to the cheeks and a light bronzer to subtly contour the cheekbones and temples.
  5. Lips: Choose a nude lipstick with a satin finish to complement the natural makeup look.
  6. Finish: Set your makeup with a fine mist of setting spray to keep everything in place.

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Thank you for visiting us for this edition of “Get The Look.” We hope this guide helps you achieve a look of effortless sophistication. If there’s a particular style or makeup trend you’re interested in or you need guidance with a look, please reach out to us at with your request and a photo. We’re here to provide personalized recommendations and tips to help you shine at your next event.
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